When I Say This or Do This

Child Communication, Instructions and Safety Chart for Babysitters and Caregivers.

Parenting 101:  This is not just any babysitter checklist! When I Say Or Do This…includes unique communication sections that no other checklists or charts have!

Did you understand the meaning of your baby’s first words when they were spoken for the first time?   Probably not.  It may have taken several days, weeks or even longer to figure it out.
Fairy Thee Well Child Communications and Safety Chart for Babysitters and Caregivers
Child Communication & Safety Chart for Babysitters & Caregivers

Development begins with infants vocalizing “their own sounds” as well as using gestures.  Those sounds and gestures then become “their own words”; forms of communication unique to each and every baby.

When i say or do this . . . babysitter instructions and safety chart was created to provide peace of mind for parents, caregivers and babysitters of our precious little ones.

What makes this dry erase babysitting checklist so unique are two communication sections.  These sections give you the space to write a clear description and definition of what your baby is saying or asking for, eliminating frustration.  Everyone will understand and respond in a positive manner.

Parenting has one less worry!  You have the comfort of knowing all of the information; babysitting instructions and more essential to your baby’s well-being is available and convenient.  Relatives, caregivers and babysitters will immediately understand what your baby is saying or asking for.  And a sheet from the To Go pad lets your daycare and pre-school professionals know too! 

You now have a way to communicate your baby’s needs easily and on the fly. Romantic dinners are possible again!  Attending last minute “mandatory” business meetings can be managed with peace of mind.  Not only is your child safe, your child is understood!  How priceless is that?!

When i say or do this … is also a highly effective communication tool for special needs or speech-impaired babies and children, and for families who use baby sign language in their homes. 

This chart is an important must-have for parents, fun to use and a great baby shower gift, especially for parents who have to go back to work!


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